I believe our bodies give us an opportunity to connect to inner wisdom.  By listening to the voice of sensation we can connect to healing, joy and stillness.   By connecting to sensation, we can let go of never ending thoughts, instead connecting to the power of the moment, the power of being here now.

I use Nia to connect to that place and then bring it with me through my day.  Nia is a bodymind experience inspired by 9 movement forms from the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. Nia asks you to move raw- relaxed, alert, and waiting- What is your body telling you?  Listen to the voice of sensation and let body wisdom guide you to let go and trust.  Trust healing.  Trust Joy of Movement.  Trust stillness.  Nia is an intimate dance, one where each person connects to their own body’s way, their own dance.

Nia asks: Body, what can I do for you this day? What ways can I move with healing and pleasure?

Hula is a dance of connection.  Hula teaches us to listen to the voice of energy, to the bodies around, to open up and follow, letting go of individuality and opening to harmony and unity.  Through others, it can connect us to Spirit.  Beyond dance, hula tells a story and uses that body, emotions and spirit to connect.  It teaches us the wisdom of our ancestors and storytelling in the form of dance.

Hula asks: What ways can I share myself more with others?  How can I be more present to those around me?


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