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Health and Wellness Fair at the Vagina Monologues- 50% Art Sales to Non-Profits

artwork at kahilu

Last year’s community performance of The Vagina Monologues was a personal breakthrough. I came out about my own abuse and my work hung in the gallery for the show. This year I was honored to be asked a part of the Health and Wellness Fair hosted by the LightON Foundation.  In the lobby of the theatre…

Intentional Creativity for Survivors of Abuse


This last weekend I co-led a 6 hour workshop as part of my personal commitment to help women and children survivors of abuse.  Since the showing of the Vagina Monologues last year, I have been able to donate over $750 to local organizations. This was another step in my commitment… sharing my own healing process…

Are You Putting Yourself Last? Special Call for Women Who Overgive


  Are you putting yourself last? Do you put everyone else’s happiness first? Do you feel like you have lost your spark or that you’ve buried it beneath your responsibilities? Kids? Partner? Family? Friends? Job? When you’ve lost that happy self- the one that dreamed of a family and making a difference in the world-…

An Artist’s Retrospective Show- Special Collector’s Opportunity


  An Artist’s Retrospective Show is the 2010-2012 collection of Amber DivaDawn Bonnici. This collection contains her early work and a style that is decidedly the feminine connection with the divine within herself and the Divine that connects us all.   Because the work and style of Amber DivaDawn is shifting, there is a limited…

Announcing the Opening of DivaDawn’s Art Bank


  I’ve heard it before… “I LOVE your art, but I just can’t afford it right now.” “I wish I could own this piece, but I just don’t know how to make it happen.” “Someday when I win the lottery, I’m gonna buy that painting.”   I believe there is an owner for each piece…

October Abundance Mini-Retreat, Part of the Paint Your Heart, Sing Your Soul Series

Womens Circle

  Abundance Mini-Retreat ~A Woman’s Weekend using creative expression to Release, Open and Heal, Part of the Paint Your Heart, Sing Your Soul Series   Do you ever feel frustrated because you want things to be different but don’t know where to start? Do you feel stuck in the same old patterns and want to make…

The Radiant Mama Telesummit Free Interview Series for Moms


Are you a mom who gives your all to everyone and everything, but often you end up taking less, or nothing, for yourself? If you answered yes, this is a MUST for you. In our culture, it’s easy to fall prey to the mindless myth that having it all means doing it all—being superwoman. It…

“The Legend of Amber DivaDawn” Showing Featured in North Hawaii News


   Amber Bonnici stands beside her painting titled “Diva Dawns.” (PHOTO BY ANNA PACHECO| SPECIAL TO NHN)   AMBER BONNICI’S HEALING ART BY MA’ATA TUKUAFU SPECIAL TO NORTH HAWAII NEWS   Amber DivaDawn Bonnici believes everyone can connect through art. A new series of her work, entitled “The Legend of Amber DivaDawn: A Feminine Perspective…

Healing Through Art article featured in West Hawaii Today


    “She Honors the Calling of Her Heart” is a painting by featured artist Amber Bonnici. (Special to West Hawaii Today) HEALING THROUGH ART SPECIAL TO WEST HAWAII TODAY   Big Island artist Amber DivaDawn Bonnici presents “The Legend of Amber DivaDawn: A Feminine Perspective of Healing and Self Discovery Through Art” through Aug….

August Solo Show at Firehouse Gallery

“The Legend of Amber Diva Dawn: A Feminine Perspective of Healing and Self Discovery Through Art” is running from August 7-31, 2013 at the Firehouse Gallery. Come one, come all! This show is a full collection of my work as well as my most recent pieces.  Last year the full showing was at the Still & Moving Center…

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